A Different Understanding (Part 1)

Solape is back again. This time around to share with you a case which I experienced about seven years ago as an HIV/AIDS Counsellor. Then, I thought it was just a case of psychosocial counselling (follow up counselling which would usually come after the disclosure of an HIV positive result) but my recent increase in knowledge in mental health is making me think deeper. In 2006, I met a woman, a fulltime housewife who had just lost her husband and was left with 4 children whose age ranged from 4 years to 16 years. The man had died after a protracted illness whose nature she was not really aware of. Upon his death, a relative (whom she was not sure if he knew the late husband’s status or not) advised her to go for an HIV test because of (according to him) ‘the way in which his kinsman (her husband) died was somehow suspicious’. The woman was disturbed by this observation, but what happened next was truly shocking. I will continue this terrible story in my next blog but I can be reached on obamijoko@gedefoundation.org