A Different Understanding (Part 2)

For people reading this for the first time, it’s a story about a widowed mother of 4 who has been encouraged to go for HIV test following the mysterious death of her husband. She took to the advice of a relative and went for an HIV test at a nearby Pharmacy where she tested positive. She was referred to Gede for confirmatory test which also turned out positive. Despite every effort at psychosocial counselling and appeals from her children over the months, she did not recover from the news. It was as if the clock stopped ticking and time stood still! She slipped into depression and not even the thought of remaining strong and alive for her children (as the only living parent) could bring her out of it. Life seemed to have lost its meaning, she rarely ate and refused to take antiretroviral drugs (for which she was due). It wasn’t long before her immune system became compromised and she fell ill. She never recovered (perhaps the will to do so had long gone) and my enquiry to her oldest child after a while confirmed she had passed on. The question where lies the link comes up again and would be considered in the final part of this story but I can be reached on obamijoko@gedefoundation.org