A Different Understanding (Part 3)

My question to you, the reader, is how could this depression in HIV be handled without the mental health angle being considered? You would agree with me that HIV/AIDS and mental health are closely related and one would invariably affect the other. HIV/AIDS is a stigmatized illness and the news of one being infected with it tends to cause some form of serious mental health condition. In the case of the woman in this story, she should have been referred to a mental health specialist where she could benefit from psychotherapy or drugs like anti-depressants. This shows that HIV/AIDS treatment and care is holistic in nature. Our commitment to halting and reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS as a nation would be more aptly supported if effort is put into promoting Mental Health Services Delivery. A national policy is on ground already and I only hope that the importance of it becoming an Act and subsequent Bill would follow suit. Stakeholders could take a cue and support the motion. Thank you for your attention and anticipated comments. I can be reached on obamijoko@gedefoundation.org