Binatu Success Story

Binatu, a 20 year old lady, who has just finished her Senior Secondary School Examination,stays in Mpape (a suburb of Abuja, Nigeria) with her brothers. Her education seems to have come to a halt as her indigent parents, according to her, have no means of sending her to school for further education. As if this was not enough, the family’s poor socio-economic status makes it difficult to afford a decent meal. She came in contact when she was selected using the Gede Foundation guidelines for Skill Acquisition Programme for OVCs and enrolled.Gede Foundation and was selected for training in the skill acquisition empowerment program. She is presently undergoing training in one of the skill acquisition centres to become a computer operator. She is grateful that on the long run she would be useful both to herself and her family. For more information about the OVC programme, contact Mr Godwin Etim –