The debate regarding mental health (and illness) has moved from “why should we integrate? to, “how do we integrate?” This has been due to a number of factors including, (i) mental health is highlighted in the Sustainable Development Targets which underscores their importance to development objectives across the board, (ii) a number of countries, including Nigeria, have adopted important mental health initiatives. In the case of Nigeria, the Council of Health, in 2013, passed the National Mental Health Service Delivery Policy which notes the need for the mainstreaming of mental health care in health systems and development projects, (iii) an increasing number of countries have undertaken research into the prevalence and impact of mental illness and have concluded that without mental health screening, treatment and referrals, a significant number of people are not being provided with the health care they deserve. In Nigeria, this has been reflected in the calls for the integration of mental health into routine HIV-AIDS treatment and care as outlined in the 2017-2021 National HIV-AIDS Strategic Framework, and, (iv) insights are emerging from around the world on ways in which mental health can be integrated into existing health platforms.

Gede is able to offer partner agencies and other clients significant experience and expertise related to key integration training activities related to (indicative examples only) –


• Awareness of national policies and legislative frameworks
• Awareness raising on key concepts such as mental health and mental illness
• Stigma and discrimination
• Common mental disorders
• Determinants of mental disorders
• Task shifting – what is it and what does it involve?
• Monitoring and evaluation
• The right tools for the right job – the importance of cultural adaptation and validation
• Integration – the complexity of screening, treatment and referral

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